Monday, July 6, 2015

Doctor Who Companions (Part 1)

Name:     Doctor Who Companions
Created:  Late 2012 with more added each season.
Swap:     none

Rose Tyler            Amy Pond       Donna Noble
Mickey Smith     Rory Williams     Wilfred Mott

It would only take a quick glance at my profile to notice that I have dozens of Doctor Who LTC's. I have several themed series and will dedicate one week each month to Doctor Who cards.
This first set is the Companions.  I wanted to plant a Doctor Who series and first picked all 11 (now 13) 'Faces' but I had many stamps donated and I only needed to carve about half. With the Companions I carved all of them myself and made cards.
This is the first group of companions that I carved.  Once I saw how well they came out I carved the others.

The stamps ready to carve.   This is the second step in making LTC's.  (After finding an image)

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