Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Game of Thrones

Name:    A Song of Ice and Fire:
Created:  11/2013
Swap:     Winter Is Coming (Game of Thrones)

I carved several cards for my "Game of Thrones" swap.  I also carved House Frey and Joffrey Coat of Arms, but I lost my cards.  I need to stamp more next time I check on the planted series!

Tully and Lannister both use embossing powder.
The Khal Drogo card had a small bell attached to his beard.  (I removed it to get a good scan)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Name:     Philately: Purple Heart
Created:  12/2013
Swap:      Philately

I tried something different for a Postage Stamp swap. I only got 4 signups that time, but I have listed a second one and its full.

Pick a US 'Forever' postage stamp and buy at least one sheet of them.
Carve that image and create a LTC of the postage stamp.
Send 10 LTC's AND 10 unused Forever stamps of the design you picked.
ALSO send 5 stamps for return postage.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Heeere's Johnny!

Name:     Depp!: Willie Wonka (Closeup)
Created:  2/2013
Swap:     Depp!

The Willie Wonka card was carved for the Depp! swap. It was my first carve on the '12 Pink crap and broke on the first stamping! I glued it together and on many of the cards it's not noticeable, it got worse as the rubber crumbled.

Someone jokingly requested a shirtless Johnny Depp card.  I carved this and mailed it to them as a surprise! This is my only male "Pin-up" card so far.